Step Into the Spotlight

Step Into the Spotlight

We all love the limelight every now and again — nothing wrong with that! We’d love to put you in the spotlight, but first we must tell you something: the Agent Spotlight doesn’t exist solely to stroke egos. That’s just a bonus.

The main purpose is to benefit others by sharing what’s working for you in your business… and what hasn’t. We want others to learn from your success, as well as your failures, and to benefit from all the valuable tips and insight you can muster.

Probability of getting published

It boils down to two things: 1) How many submissions we receive, and 2) How helpful your answers are. While we can’t promise to publish every submission, we can promise that we’ll read what you write.

Editing of your submission

Don’t worry about being the Grammar King / Queen. If need be, we’ll polish it up for you. :)

Notification of acceptance

We hope you can understand that our submission queue is relatively long, and personally replying to each one isn’t always possible. Not hearing back from us doesn’t mean you were accepted or denied. We select and publish without prior notification. That said, we encourage you to submit often because we’re always on the lookout for the right stuff (and you can count on us reading every last submission!).

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1. Why do you feel that other agents can benefit from your advice?
Give a brief work bio. Discuss your experience and accomplishments, including stats if you feel comfortable. Newer agents, don't be intimidated by this question (experience is not the only indicator of expertise). FYI, of all the questions, this is the one I would encourage you not to skip.

2. What was your professional background before real estate?
You might discuss why you entered real estate, and whether your previous work experience has helped you in any way. Any advice for transitioning out of a dual career (if that was your case) would also be helpful to others.

3. How do you maintain a work/life balance?
You might discuss how often you take time off (and when), as well as parameters you set with clients and prospects (if any).

4. What's been the biggest lesson you've learned, or the mistake you've vowed to never make again?

5. If you could write a note to yourself in only 5 words or less, to be delivered on the day you started in real estate, what would it say?

6. What's your #1 "go-to" method for lead generation?

7. What's been the biggest waste of your advertising dollars?

8. What lead-generating advice would you give to another agent who's on a tight budget?

9. How do you follow up with past clients? How often?

10. What CRM do you use and why?

11. Which software programs, sites or apps do you consider "must haves"?
Please give specific names so others can research them if they'd like.

12. Give your best tips and insights for using social media to generate leads and brand yourself.
Or do you NOT use social media to generate business? If so, why not?

13. What is the one thing you would change about the real estate business if you could?

14. Ask and answer your own question (optional).
Did we miss anything? Here's your chance to make it right.