12 Things Agents Should Never Say If They Walk In On THIS...

12 Things Agents Should Never Say If They Walk In On THIS During A Showing


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    It happens. Believe it or not, it really does. Each and every day, some poor, unsuspecting real estate agent walks in on a couple canoodling in a house that’s actively on the market. It can be one of the most awkward situations you’ll ever face, but it can also be the funniest.

    When we make appointments to show homes, homeowners forget. Like any other animal on the planet, we get in the mood and voila, we make magic happen.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that homeowners are exhibitionists and enjoy being “caught”, but in most cases it’s blush city. On the flip side, if they are hot, your potential buyers may associate positive feelings with the home and bedroom lol.

    When we’re faced with awkward situations we often panic, and say or do the wrong thing. These situations can scar us for life. So to do you a favor, I’ve compiled a list of 12 things you shouldn’t say when you walk in on someone having sex in a listed home. They’re listed in no particular order.

    #12 “Can you please hurry up?”

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    #11 “Mind if I join you?”

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    #10 “I dig your technique.”

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    #9 “You know, if you’ll just put your leg over there it makes that move easier. Here let me help you.”

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    #8 “Is this your home?”

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    #7 “And this is how you too will enjoy this home’s bedroom.”

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    #6 “By the looks of it, this home’s AC works just fine.”

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    #5 “Oh god!!! My eyes!!!”

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    #4 “Looks like it’s not just the front yard that could use some landscaping.”

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    #3 “See, the carpet and curtains both match here.”

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    #2 “Let’s take a selfie.”

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    #1 “Mind if I watch?”

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