19 Landlords Who Forgot How To Landlord

19 Landlords Who Forgot How To Landlord


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    1. Either this is a bad attempt at fixing a leak or it’s the greatest beer bong ever.

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    2. “You don’t actually need a working thermostat. The weather’s always nice this time of year!” – Landlord

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    3. Fresh blue paint job? Check. New security system? Check. Any potential renters? Nope.

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    4. The ultimate in in-home security. Removable locks!

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    5. Despite what that Taylor Swift lyric says, band-aids DO fix bullet holes!

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    6. Wait, they still took the time to still lock it up?

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    7. Raise it up about a foot…

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    8. And you thought pay toilets were fascist!

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    9. Just genius.

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    10. Tall renters need not apply.

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    11. “I’ll just keep addin’ stuff til’ it stops movin’!”

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    12. Silly landlord, it’s DUCT tape that fixes everything.

    13. As long as you don’t mind missing 1/8 of every show…

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    14. “What is that thing that fireplaces burn? Yeah, we’ll cover it with that!”

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    15. As leak proof as Mr. Snowden…

    16. Or is it masking tape that fixes everything?

    17. Okay, seriously, this is getting out of hand.

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    18. Do these people all have the same landlord?!!

    19. Scottish duct tape?