11 Clever Hidden Rooms And Secret Passageways You’ll Wish You Had In...

11 Clever Hidden Rooms And Secret Passageways You’ll Wish You Had In Your Home


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    Sometimes you just need a secret doorway in your home. They are a great way to hide items and spaces that are special just to you. They also add a level of mystery to your house for impressing others. And they’re great for the child in us all that wants to be a secret agent. It turns out there are quite a number of homeowners that are embracing some (perhaps all) of those benefits with unique hidden passageway designs. Take a look at some of their designs.

    1. Don’t want random guests finding their way to the upper floor? No problem.

    Via Imgur

    2. Sometimes you want to be selective about who knows where your expensive entertainment center is.

    Via Baller House

    3. That’s some mighty odd brick work…

    Via memedroid.com

    4. Making your child’s play space extra special.

    Via Pinterest

    5. Ever wanted to hide your car in your house?

    Via Beausoleil Architects

    Here’s a video of it working

    Via Beausolei Architects

    6. Not exactly “hidden,” but still pretty cool.

    Via Spiral Cellars

    7. When your underwear drawer just isn’t cutting it any more.

    Via apartmenttherapy.com

    8. Now that’s impressive.

    Via Creative Home Engineering

    9. How many staircases have you seen serving as doors?

    Via Baller House

    10. Here’s another one hidden under a staircase this time.

    Via apartmenttherapy.com

    11. A fireplace is great to hide an entrance in, at least in the beginning before the soot builds up.

    Via apartmenttherapy.com