26 Genius Products You Won’t Take A Shower Without Ever Again

26 Genius Products You Won’t Take A Shower Without Ever Again


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    Showers have to be one of the top seven wonders of the civilized world. Where would we be without being able to enjoy that hot shower in the morning to wake up, or the evening to relax and wind down? Let’s face it, some people would be completely lost without their personal pampering time in the tub.

    Now, your showers can be even more amazing. Here we have multiple options for cleverly upgrading your cleansing experience. Click the source link below each photo to find where you can obtain each one.

    1. Bathe in the rainbow with this beautiful LED showerhead.

    Via ebay

    2. Here’s a shower curtain designed for touchscreen computers, for the ultra busy types.

    Via Hammacher

    3. Discover the new vitamin C trend with this specialized chlorine filter!

    Via Petagadget

    4. Ladies, make your shaving easier with this foot rest.

    Via Frontgate

    5. In case you just can’t miss a phone call, here is a wireless, bluetooth speaker for rub a dub dubbin with that lucky caller.

    Via thegadgetflow.com

    6. Tired of screaming, “Hot!… Cold!… HOT!” in the shower? This thermostat control valve will keep your skin protected from now on.

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    7. It’s a “Space Kitty” shower curtain. Need I say more?

    Via etsy

    8. Your kids are going to be giggly over this bubble machine. Careful, you may never get them back out of the shower.

    Via fancy.com

    9. How about a fogless mirror to assist your morning beautification process?

    Via amazon.com

    10. Take foot hygiene to the next level with this foot brush!

    Via gizoo

    11. Ever notice how deep thoughts flow with the shower water?

    They are often there in an instant, and then suddenly gone when you take your focus off. With this notepad, your shower genius will shine far beyond the bathing.

    Via myaquanotes.com

    12. Shell shock yourself awake by rockin your shower with this turtle speaker in the morning.

    Via On Hand

    13. Toothbrush holders are brilliant for multitasking that wakeup routine.

    Via mochithings.com

    14. Soap caddies are a must for making that bar last. Why not be stylish with it?

    Via etsy

    15. Magnetic shampoo containers can finally declutter that bathtub rim.

    Via fancy.com

    16. Tend to get lost in the shower bliss? Here’s a waterproof clock that will help you keep track of bathing adventures.

    Via infmetry.com

    17. Here’s a shower timer. Green means go. Yellow flashes mean you are halfway there, and red means to get out before you miss that important meeting!

    Via Florida Eco Products

    18. Caffeinated soap??? SIGN ME UP!

    Via thisiswhyimbroke.com

    19. Get some motion in your shower ocean with this mini-wave projector.

    Via dhgate.com

    20. Set the mood with some gorgeous suction cup lights.

    Via prezzybox.com

    21. Making that shower or bath extra special? Keep from knocking your wine over in the shower with these glass holders.

    Via etsy

    22. While you’re at it, how about some LED wine glasses, in case you want to set the mood even more?

    Via toysplash.com

    23. Want the LED effect with your current, favorite wine glass?

    LED ice cubes can solve your dilemma. Need to cool the bath water down just slightly? What better way to accomplish that?

    Via fancy.com

    24. Have a cold one in a hot one with this shower koozie.

    Via Amazon

    25. You can finish off that shower experience in style with a moss shower mat. Learn to make one here.

    Via yankodesign.com

    26. Finally, after your designer shower experience, satisfy the fantasy lover in you with a unicorn themed, hooded towel.

    Via etsy