32 Ridiculously Fun Things To Do With Your Backyard This Summer

32 Ridiculously Fun Things To Do With Your Backyard This Summer


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    The backyard is a place of sanctuary and recreation. Whether you want to relax, play in a pool, or have a barbecue with friends, there are many ways to enhance your backyard experience. Here are a few items you can add to your home’s outdoor space to make it even more enjoyable.

    1. As if beanbags couldn’t get any cooler. Now there are some that float.

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    2. What happens when a picnic table and a Transformer fall in love?

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    3. Kids love zippin around the yard. Goes great with a tree house.

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    4. Yard a bit small? Try out a microbar.

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    5. How about a pool chair that doubles as a massage table, and reading lounger?

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    6. A daybed lounger with storage is a great way to combine comfort and convenience. It’s a DIY project.

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    7. Ping pong in the pool is the way to get your summer game on.

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    8. Have wild kids? Here’s a trampoline you can feel safe with.

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    9. If you want kids to rave over your projections screen, grab one that is Disney themed.

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    10. Canopy chairs add style to seating.

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    11. Want an aviary or chicken coop? Tired of the same old designs? Going geodesic is the way.

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    12. Someone decided to take two pinnacles of the comfort world and marry them together. Presenting, the hammock beanbag!

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    13. Here’s a hideaway loveseat with shading.

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    14. A trampoline tent is the perfect combo for children (big and small) that want to camp out in the yard.

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    15. Add an extra element to your yard with a manmade stream.

    Via baddogneedsrottenhome.com

    16. A Scandinavian backyard gazebo gives you maximum view with maximum coverage.

    Via hammacher.com

    17. The “Cacoon” is a like a hammock that doubles as a tent.

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    18. Make a firepit more comfy with a four way swing set.

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    19. Get every square foot of your yard watered.

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    20. Take your pool mayhem to the next level with bumper car floats.

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    21. Want the warm lighting of a fire, but not the heat? A glass encased fire pit is perfect for those warm Summer nights.

    Via theartofdoingstuff.com

    22. Accent any good barbecue with cooler tables.

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    23. Sometimes you just need to sleep outdoors in comfort. A cushy tent will do you right.

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    24. Inflatable twister gives all the fun, without the bruised knees.

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    25. Get into rhythm with your partner with a rocking garden chair. Find here.

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    26. Love the sound of rain? A copper rain shower will keep your relaxed on the sunniest of days.

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    27. Speaking of sunniest days, this hammock solution works great in backyards without a canopy of trees to shade you.

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    28. A pool shower. Because there are never enough ways to get wet when it’s hot outside.

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    29. The Bentley of beach chairs. Find here.

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    30. Communal hammocks are a great way to relax together after the backyard games.

    Via trinityhammocks.com

    31. Rock your yard with a “Shallow Swing” disc.

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    32. Kids aren’t the only ones who need a “kiddie pool.” Find them here.

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