15 Times Homeowners Got Overly Creative With Their Garage Doors

15 Times Homeowners Got Overly Creative With Their Garage Doors


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    Ever get tired of those cookie-cutter garages with blank doors? Boring! Check out these examples of amazing garage doors that will definitely make those that pass by to a double take! Some of these are pretty mind-bending.

    1. John Scarratt turned this into a brilliant ad as a catchy piece of art. I suppose the wall needed better coding.

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    2. Have that rare car you want to protect? Do you just want to feel more like a secret agent?

    McMills Construction and Beausoleil Architects created this hidden garage to maximize rent for a tenant as well as avoid penalties from city coding. The reasoning may have been a bit dastardly, but the results are quite cool.

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    3. This is a 3D garage sticker. And an accident waiting to happen.

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    4. Yet another creative illusion sticker.

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    5. This home owner used a graffiti mural to up their garage’s game.

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    6. Or, it can be an invitation for a homeowners association nightmare.

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    7. Some people just want to forget that they drive a Kia.

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    8. Hey, we can dream.

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    9. We can dream big too!

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    10. This is actually a garage designed for a private aircraft. The airstrip is located somewhere in Florida.

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    11. Sometimes we need a doorway reminder to just chill.

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    12. Or let everyone know what a happy couple you are.

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    13. There’s some horsepower in here!

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    14. Now this isn’t a facade like the others, but the only way into this underground garage is through a million dollar aircraft carrier elevator. As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as overkill. Only insurance.”

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    15. “We named him Cuddles.”

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    16. This beautiful garage art was done for a vastly more amazing home that you can read about here!

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