Watch This House Spin Like a Flying Saucer When She Presses The...

Watch This House Spin Like a Flying Saucer When She Presses The Button


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    Most of us have seen dome homes before. Their structures provide spaciousness, sturdiness, and all of that lovely “domey” stuff. However, the French company “DomeSpace” has prefabricated a type of home that is far beyond the typical dome. These homes are like saucers and contain all the perks you could ask for, including something super special you may not have thought of. More on that in a second.

    Turns out, one of the best examples of such a home exists about 80 miles outside of New York City, on 28 acres of forestry. The owners spent about $750,000 for the entire setup, with the house accounting for about $500,000. Why was it so expensive? When you look inside, and then see what it can do, you’ll understand.

    This house is resistant to very high winds, and even strong earthquakes! The shingles are made of cedar, so as to avoid any rotting.

    Via Douglas Elliman

    Inside, it’s as if you stepped into Doctor Who’s Tardis. “It’s bigger on the inside.” This place is made up of the finest in limestone, bamboo and cedar.

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    Notice how the spaciousness and stunning view is augmented by the natural curvatures in the architecture. This was done on purpose to create a more organic and relaxing feeling.

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    The home is a mostly open, creating a more spaciousness and flowing effect.

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    Now all of this is impressive, but it’s not the most impressive thing. What could be even more impressive?

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    How about the fact that this “sitting saucer” actually spins? That’s right! At the push of a button, this entire home rotates to give the owners the scenery and lighting they desire at any time of their choosing. Now that’s innovative!

    Via Douglas Elliman

    To see this amazing home in depth and in action, check out the video below (spinning happens at 5:22)!

    Via Solaleya