20 Clever Ways To Use Picture Frames That Don’t Involve Pictures

20 Clever Ways To Use Picture Frames That Don’t Involve Pictures


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Picture framing is so underused. I’m not talking about not having enough photos to display in frames, rather about a myriad of other ways to make your home that much more decorative using frames themselves. “What can you possibly do with frames, other than displaying pictures?” Glad you asked!

1. Who needs photos? A collage of frames can be very aesthetically pleasing by itself! Here’s the DIY.

Via Makely School for Girls

2. Here is a lovely hanging display of frames and jars.

Via Bridal Musings

3. Your dessert tray doesn’t have to be so drab. Frame it up to add to the occasion.

Via Ruffled

4. Serving trays are no different. A little chalkboard paint will give it that extra personal touch. The DIY Network provides the details.

Via DIY Network

5. This is a simple pedestal topped with a frame for that vintage look. Enjoy the DIY.

Via Pearl Rosebuds

6. You can make these awesome little coasters with this DIY.

Via Apple Pins

7. There are so many things you can make with a frame and wine corks, like this hot plate.

Via Pinterest

8. A frame headboard takes up less space and is modifiable. Here’s a DIY from BHG. The actual instructions are in an expandable portion on the far right of the page.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

9. Frame your favorite books with these mini bookshelves. All you need are frames, some boards, and place on the wall.

Via Change of Scenery

10. Why don’t the cameras ever get recognized for taking the pictures? Give them a display they deserve!

Via Rabbit and Snails

11. The DIY Mommy will show you how to make a chic frame charging station for your electronics.

Via The DIY Mommy

12. Here’s an easy way to add style to your bathroom.

Via Country Living

13. You can use this frame DIY to hide something on your wall.

Via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

14. Tired of looking for your keys? Problem solved.

Via Real Simple

15. Organize all your sewing madness with this DIY thread holder.

Via Grey Luster Girl

16. That pegboard doesn’t have to be an eyesore any longer. Learn how here.

Via By Dawn Nicole

17. Jewelry organization is more decorative than ever.

Via Pinterest | Jen Frazier

18. This DIY is an super simple way to have everyone keep track of their “to do’s.”

Via Madigan Made

19. You can create an antique silverware display to enhance your dining atmosphere.

Via Spunky Junky

20. Use this DIY to ensure you don’t get bored with your dry erase activities.

Via Canary Street Crafts