10 Grassless Yards So Gorgeous, You’ll Reconsider Having A Lawn

10 Grassless Yards So Gorgeous, You’ll Reconsider Having A Lawn


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Tending a grassy yard is a lot like shaving. You have to maintain it constantly. From cutting to plucking out undesirables, to using the wrong tool, or working your grass the wrong way, you might end up wondering if all the time and effort is worth it. Seriously. Who invented the idea of manicured lawns anyway?

If you are considering a change, we have some good news. There are options for yards that are absolutely beautiful, that require far less maintenance, and that can actually increase the value of your home in a dramatic way… that don’t involve grass! Here are some examples to whet your appetite.

1. Sunset magazine featured this beautiful yard in their September, 2015 issue.

The grid patterned flower beds are great for keeping track of specific plants and herbs.

Via Sunset

2. New Eco Landscapes designed this awesome backyard with an amazing interplay of geometry and flora.

Via New Eco Landscape Design and Build

3. Sometimes all you need is some well placed gravel and a few flower beds to make your grassless dream yard come true.

Via Houzz | Urban Agriculture Inc.

4. This San Francisco patio is a prime example of simplicity and efficiency in a grassless yard.

Via Houzz | Kerman Morris Architects, LLP

5. Here’s a yard that is prime for Californian homeowners.

With the current water shortage, it only makes sense to limit what needs to be watered around the house.

Via Outer Space Landscape Architecture

6. This San Francisco home is known as the EDDIE house and garden by Three Legged Pig Design.

It’s a prime example of a combination of a grassless yard and gardening.

Via Three Legged Pig Design

7. Here’s a lovely grassless playground. Once again, San Francisco is the proud home to this yard’s layout.

Via Urban Botanics & Vector Construction

8. Interior designer, Anna Carin McNamara created this terrace for her own grassless yard.

Via The Generalist

9. This is a gravel courtyard from Nashville. Talk about cozy.

Via House Beautiful

10. This home in Toronto has a very stylish grassless yard with all sorts of amenities and an impressive garden space.

Via Houzz | Duncan Consultants

Besides the increase in home value, and the lower maintenance of grassless yards, there is another important reason for considering such a yard.

Landscape Artist Online is a Florida based company that is addressing the issue of water wastefulness. This video gives a synopsis of the problem they are looking to solve with grassless yards.

Via Landscape Artist Online

And finally, this video gives examples of what their project, Go Grassless Florida, will bring to those who are looking to go grassless. Perhaps it’ll give you some inspiration as well.

Via Landscape Artist Online