Take Your Vent Covers From Drab To Fab With This Ultimate How-To...

Take Your Vent Covers From Drab To Fab With This Ultimate How-To Guide


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One thing every modern home needs is vents. Be it air conditioning vents, heating vents, or bathroom vents, they are all necessary to keeping the air in our houses fresh all year long.

Unfortunately, some of the most common eyesores in homes are also… well, vents! They are mostly metal grates, mostly drab looking, or just plain nasty after years of dusty buildup. Perhaps your floor vents have warped, sharp edges sticking up from the floor. Whatever the case may be, if you want your home to have that extra touch of style, vent decor works surprisingly well.

We’ve compiled a gallery of styles and DIY guides for all manner of vent covers. Whether you fancy metal, wood, or even easy-to-make cardboard art covers, we have something for you!

1. Here’s a DIY guide for a stylish vent cover. Turn that welcome mat into something that welcomes more frequently.

Via Curb Alert

Or with a little extra effort, you can paint the floor mat to match your wall color, and perhaps sand the surface to get a rustic look.

Via Pinterest

Speaking of floor mats, most style websites show this next image and imply it’s a rubber door mat. It’s not. It’s a hinged door frame with a dark screen to obscure the air filter behind it. What a great look!

Via Buzzfeed

2. Covering vents can involve even craftier ideas that make more use of the space. For instance, this DIY guide shows a fantastic way for covering a vent using an aesthetic cabinet.

Via The Sister Sophisticate

Have to say, that’s pretty sauve.

Via The Sister Sophisticate

3. You can also use sheet metal with attractive patterning. This DIY guide from The Friendly Home will show you how.

Via The Friendly Home

4. This DIY guide shows how to make a gorgeous vent cover for 1/10th the cost of a pre made, custom cover.

Via Simplicity in the South

5. This woman made a rubber door mat look like an expensive brass cover for her vent.

Via Debbie Doo’s

6. Have a wee one starting to crawl around? This DIY guide will show you how to baby-proof those floor vents.

Via lylt.org

7. Would you like another example of a multi-purpose vent cover? Check out this DIY guide!

Via Adventures of an Almost 40 Year Old Intern

8. Of course, you can always build a DIY shutter cover for your AC vent.

Via The Friendly Home

9. Even simple cardboard can be used to make stylish vent covers. Learn how here.

Via Wilker Do’s

10. Sometimes, simple is best. This DIY guide can help you create a simple, and appealing wooden cover to be proud of.

Via Addicted 2 Decorating

11. Yet another DIY guide for a snazzy cardboard (paper towel rolls) vent cover. Plus, this particular guide is pretty entertaining to read.

Via Lady with the Red Rocker

12. Were you raised in a barn? No? No problem! Here’s a DIY guide for a “barn door style” vent cover to give you the feel.

Via Hometalk

13. Bathroom vents need loving too! Cover that nose saver with gratitude and style.

Via Home and Away with Lisa

14. Need a quick fix for showing your home? Try this DIY guide out.

Via Our House on Meade St.

15. Here’s an excellent video on how to create wooden floor vent covers.

Via Steve Ramsey

16. And finally, do you have a floor vent for heating that doesn’t send the heat in the right direction? Here’s a simple DIY method for sending warm air where you want it.

Via Brian Molhoek