Woman Shares A Simple (But Genius) Home Security Trick Her Protective Dad Taught Her

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We all deserve to feel safe in our own home, but all too often our rights are violated by thugs with nefarious agendas. However, we stumbled upon a Facebook post that reveals a simple security measure that could make things much harder for the bad guys… and much more comforting to us.

Mariana Harrison, a Realtor from Texas, shared a valuable piece of information from her Facebook account—advice relayed by her father years ago when she first lived alone—about burglars and front doors.

Yep, front doors—common points of entry for brazen burglars.

She explained in her post that the latches in most front doors have screws that are only half an inch long. These screws, she said, are no match for a burglar’s swift kick. And it makes sense when you think about it (who else besides me watches COPS?).

However, her dad, an undoubtedly wise man, advised her to always replace the small screws with two much larger 4-inch screws, which are drilled right into the door frame, making it virtually impossible for a would-be intruder to kick in the door quickly, or at all.

Look at the photo below and notice the size difference.

Mariana’s home-safety tip didn’t go without scrutiny and criticism, though. At least one commenter gave a differing viewpoint, basically saying that longer screws make it more difficult for firefighters to gain entry in the event of an emergency.

However, an actual fireman spoke up and put that guy’s counter-argument to bed by saying:

Many thanks to Mariana and her dad for sharing this tip! It’s a simple, logical security measure that’s easy and virtually free to do.