15 Home Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Facepalm

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It’s that time again folks! Real estate agents have sent in more photos of the crazy things they’ve found during their exciting home-showing adventures. If you have any photos from your own real estate adventures, or if you found something online, we’d love to share them. Please submit them here.

On with the show!

This must have been Evel Knievel’s childhood attic.

Via Holly Brittenham Propst

And this must be what Evel’s parents did when they discovered his little attic project.

Via Alie Fonseca

If only Koi fish could wear ice skates.

Via Brad Inhuslen

Hey, would you please pass the chlorine tablets?

Via Andrew Boehm

Wow, does this one even need a caption?

Via Cara Richey

Dear God, please tell me this is photoshopped…

Via Christy Hays Clarke

As you can see this home has good bones… just needs a little TLC.

Via Ambyre Collins Hensler

Here’s a beautiful walk-in closet (if you walk in sideways)

Via Debbie Powers Hollingsworth

Yeah, this will totally pass the HUD inspection.

Via Edward J Wright

Because, you know, thrones should always be elevated.

Via Emmy Connolly

You’ll be pumped when you see this home’s listing price!

Via Jennifer Cottier

C’mon sign guy, realy?!

Via Richard Friedman

That’s a Darwin award nomination right there.

Via Shelly Burtnet

Need to save time? Now you can dry your hair while you finish showering.

Via Bridget VanGinkle

Sorry fellas, dancer does not convey.

Via Sherry Johnson Allen

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If you have any bizzare or funny home photos that you’d like to see the Lighter Side publish, please submit them here.