My Hectic Life As A Realtor, Perfectly Summed Up By Cats

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Realtors have very emotional jobs and deal with highs, lows, and many winding paths along the way. Cats are adorable, and since I’m deathly allergic to them, I can only show my love for them by collecting way too many online photos of them than I care to admit. How are these two sentences even remotely related? I’ve decided to let my virtual crazy cat lady out to explain the many emotions that Realtors endure, with a little help from my (feline) friends!

I think I speak for all my fellow Realtors with this…

1. Realtors wake up and regardless of the time, always have a ton of emails to read, send, and reply to. By some gravitational pull to the computer, we can’t resist, like catnip. Even at 3:00am.

2. Realtors spend hours online researching homes, inputting data, pulling comps, and setting up showings. It’s more exhausting than you’d probably think.

3. Realtors spend countless hours on the phone…

Talking to clients, scheduling appointments, communicating with lenders, title companies, tax assessors, appraisers, home inspectors, and other real estate agents. That’s the short list.

4. Buying or selling a house is very emotional, and people really open up to their Realtor.

A good Realtor is available for their clients 24/7 to ease their worries, answer questions, listen to their rants and raves, and to understand and comfort them through the stress they may be feeling. I personally feel that I’ve earned 17 master’s degrees in psychology so far.

5. Some clients are very unrealistic and want to see homes way over their approved amount, over an hour away, and expect us to drop everything to show them the home RIGHT NOW! So, we deal with a lot of that…

6. And we deal with a lot of disgruntled people who want more for their home than what it’s worth, or are just grumpy people in general.

7. This cat nailed it when asked to show how excited we are when we get a new client!

8. And this cat expresses the roller coaster of emotions when we find out they didn’t get approved for a mortgage, or they have to wait a few more months or a year.

This is why getting pre-approved BEFORE looking at homes is so important, because it happens a lot!

9. This cat really understands how we feel after showing 30 homes to a buyer, and they still can’t make a friskin’ decision.

10. Realtors drive all over kingdom come: to clients’ homes, to show them homes 7 days a week in 34 different zip codes, to home inspections, to meetings, seminars, classes, luncheons, networking events, and more.

11. And rain won’t stop us.

12. Snow won’t either.

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13. Realtors help buyers who sometimes can’t see eye-to-eye or agree on a home. One LOVES it, and one is underwhelmed.

14. Sometimes, they even argue about it. Right in front of us. Awkward…

15. How we feel when my buyers choose a home. Finally.

16. How we feel when the other agent tells us there are multiple offers on said home and it’s basically a bidding war now. That’s when our inner ninja comes out and we get into fighting mode for our client!

17. Waiting, what seems like at least two or three cats’ lives, to know if our clients got the house or not.

18. Feeling like a pretty cool cat when we get to call our buyer clients with the good news and tell them, “YOU GOT THE HOUSE!!!!”

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19. Praying during the inspection and appraisal period.

20. It can be so mentally draining, we just need a night to do nothing sometimes. But, we’re still checking our phone and email every 15 minutes while enjoying doing nothing.

21. Getting the good news that the inspection is cleared and the appraisal came in at value!

22. More phone calls, emails, and paperwork to prepare for the closing.

23. All dressed up for the closing. This is a big deal. Our clients have waited weeks, months, or even years to finally buy their dream home, and we feel honored to have been a part of making that happen!

24. Our happy clients and new homeowners! We’re way beyond handshakes at this point. It’s been a long, but fun (and emotional) ride. We’re bonded for life now.

25. Finally getting a paycheck for all the work we put in months ago! A Realtor’s payday is probably comparable to everyone else’s feeling of winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot at the casino.

Seriously. How many people do you know that work for weeks or months for FREE and don’t have a guarantee they will ever get paid? This is why Realtors are a rare, special breed of Superhero.

26. Celebrating the closing of our clients’ home, and the celebration of our hard-earned paycheck, and remembering that we owe broker fees and one-third of it goes to Uncle Sam for taxes.

27. And at the end of each day, it really does feel great knowing that we help people with one of their most important and most expensive decisions of their life.

28. How we look when we get a referral from a happy client! The cycle starts all over again :)

29. Cheers to all the Realtors out there! Keep hustlin’ and making people’s dreams come true! You all are some cool cats. :)