This Playlist Perfectly Sums Up The Life Of A Realtor

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A Realtor experiences a wide array of emotions every day ranging from being happy about a new client, to impatient or frustrated with a lender, to ecstatic to get a clear to close, and wanting to scream and throw something because the client lost the house in a bidding war. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride at times. Whatever the situation, there’s a perfectly fitting song for the mood… and here are some of them.

1. Here’s the perfect song to wake up to and hope for an optimistic, sun-shiny day!

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2. This song perfectly describes most days when a Realtor’s phone will not stop ringing!

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3. When your pipeline is dried up and you need to revive your business. You go back to your roots.

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4. When a friend calls you to help them find their dream home!

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5. When you find out one of your “trusted” loan officers or title reps isn’t so trustworthy after all.

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6. When you’re dealing with a client who’s causing nothing but trouble, trouble, trouble.

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7. When you’re happy!

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8. When you’re having a bad day.

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9. When you’re driving fast on the freeway on your way home after showing 12 homes in 5 zip codes.

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10. For the ladies, here’s the perfect song for anyone who said you’d never make it… oh Lord were they mistaken.

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11. And here’s the perfect song for you men to tell everybody, go ahead and tell everybody you’re the man, you’re the man, you’re the man.

Via Aloe Blacc

12. When you’re helping buyers that are dragging you ‘round and ‘round like a carousel and you wish they’d make up their mind already!

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13. When helping a buyer and the sale falls apart, and you need to start all over, and you just want to scream.

Via RihannaVEVO

14. When Zillow calls you. And Google. And any rep trying to sell you anything.

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15. When a close friend or family member hires another Realtor, cuz’ baby now we got bad blood.

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16. When showing the cookie cutter little boxes all made of ticky tacky to your client who loves the suburbs.

Via Walk off the Earth

17. Showing homes to a buyer who says they want one thing and asks to see something different, and a few days later wants to see more homes in 4 different zip codes, and then a different floor plan, and then changes their mind 16 more times.

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18. When you find out a buyer doesn’t qualify for a loan yet, and it may take many months or a year until they can buy a home.

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19. When you lose a client. You are sad for a minute.

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20. When you’re done with your pity party and your inner tiger is unleashed, and ready to roar!

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21. When your buyers find “The House” and you encourage them to write an offer on it. Right Now.

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22. When you get to tell your buyers the great news that they GOT THE HOUSE!

Via Flo Rida

23. The jam for a long day working in the trenches, and you’re ready to collapse but keep working hard for your clients.

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24. When you get the clear to close!

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25. Ladies, when you drive to the closing.

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26. Gents, when you drive to the closing.

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27. When you finally get paid your hard-earned commission check.

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