So What Exactly Do REALTORS® Do, Anyway?

sarah-dhondt-authorBy Sarah D'Hondt  |  Read Bio


There’s a misconception that Realtors rake in wheelbarrows full of cash and don’t work very hard for it. Newsflash: Realtors do a lot more than drive around and show homes or stick “For Sale” signs on people’s lawns to earn our living. A living, by the way, that we work extremely hard for, seven days a week, all hours of the day and night, and that we often wait 30-60 days to receive a paycheck for.

Unlike other professions, we work for FREE and don’t get rewarded with the hard-earned paycheck unless and until the sale closes, which is typically 45-60 days after we’ve started working for the client.

Here’s a simplified list of all that we do.

  1. Research comparable properties and compile listing presentations.
  2. Educate buyers and sellers of current market conditions.
  3. Verify property details: lot size, taxes, utilities, etc.
  4. Input listings into numerous MLS databases, and several other websites.
  5. Create flyers & promotional materials
  6. Host & promote Open Houses.
  7. Counsel people, listen to their needs and wants, and usually their life stories too.
  8. We work our butts off seven days a week, and on average 8-14 hours a day. The really good ones do it with a smile on their face and make it look easy.
  9. Communicate with co-op agents and brokers, title agencies, home inspectors, home appraisers, pest inspectors, well & septic inspectors and loan officers. This includes phone calls and emails and we must keep all communications organized too.
  10. Help stage homes for open house, showings and photos.
  11. Suggest curb appeal enhancements or home updates/upgrades.
  12. Request feedback from buyer’s agents, and often times we hunt them down just to get it, and leave feedback after showing homes to our own buyers.
  13. Stay educated on market values, comps and suggest price changes when needed.
  14. Receive and present offers to sellers.
  15. Execute and provide expert advice on offers for buyers.
  16. Negotiate counteroffers. Re-Negotiate, and sometimes re-negotiate again. This also includes getting addendums and amendments drafted and signed for each re-negotiation.
  17. Arrange appraisal. Pull comps and meet with appraiser. Stay patient for at least a week while anxiously waiting for the appraisal report.
  18. Schedule and attend the home inspection.
  19. Attend networking events, luncheons, mixers, meetings, awards ceremonies, and community events with intentions to hopefully gain business partnerships, or new client leads, while self-promoting yourself and your listings.
  20. Schedule multiple showings and spend countless hours driving and showing homes.
  21. Check and respond to online inquiries, social media and website alerts, and hundreds of emails, daily.
  22. Receive and respond to dozens of phone calls and text messages, daily.
  23. Attend continuing education classes every year, and stay current with the ever-changing rules and laws within the real estate industry.
  24. Review closing costs and prepare clients for the closing.
  25. Organize, complete, and review hundreds of pieces of paperwork per client.
  26. Deal with fussy, unrealistic, unappreciative and ungrateful buyers and sellers (at times)… yet remain professional and available 24/7.
  27. Never “punch out” and basically remain “on call” every day, all day. During weekends, holidays, and vacations too!

To sum it up…

  • We are photographers
  • We are chauffeurs
  • We are financial advisors
  • We are therapists
  • We are baby-sitters
  • We are schedulers
  • We are negotiators
  • We are secretaries
  • We are multi-taskers
  • We are people’s punching bags
  • We are organizers
  • We are educators
  • We are self-employed
  • We are… superheroes? Yeah, we’re pretty much superheroes :)