I’ve Seen The Photos, But After Watching This Video, I REALLY Want One Of These In My Home

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At first glance, you might be thinking “bomb shelter”… but it’s really more like THE BOMB. I’m not exactly sure how this would affect resale value, but ya know what — I don’t care. It’s the slickest upgrade I’ve seen in a home in a long while. And I’m jealous!

Via Tony Magee

Now that you’ve seen a close up of the interior, check out these other hidden wine cellar entrances.

Via Houzz
Via Houzz/Armory Brown


Via Houzz
Via Wacky Mania
Via Wacky Mania
Via Wacky Mania
Via Wacky Mania

Interested in the nitty-gritty? Here’s a video showing how these wine cellars are constructed.

Via SpiralCellars

If you like this clever way of storing wine, you’ll LOVE drinking it in one of these: