10 Things Real Estate Agents Want You To Know

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1. If it’s before 9 AM and you need something, sending a text like this work best…

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2. We have lives, too.

In general, appointments work best. Please think twice about calling us to say, “We’re sitting outside the home now. How soon can you drop everything so we can see it?” Seriously?! Look, we love our clients, but remember that we have other obligations in life to balance, just like you.


3. We aren’t taxi drivers.

You shouldn’t be mad when we ask you to sign an agreement before driving you around to show you homes. If you want a taxi driver, there’s an app for that.

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4. Buying a home requires you to do a little homework.

It’s true — real estate is all about location, location, location. That’s why we want you to learn about different areas so you know what each one has to offer. Ideally, you should have a roundabout understanding of the area you’d like to live in before we schedule six appointments just so you can say, “Hmmmm I don’t like this neighborhood.”

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5. Zillow has a long track record of being inaccurate with home valuations.

Stop listening to Zillow. Relying on Zillow to determine your home’s value is, at best, a crapshoot. Sure, Zillow’s Zestimates® are quick, easy, and free… but so is dating advice from your twice-divorced Uncle Larry. The point? Just let a local real estate professional (who will actually see your home’s unique features in person) determine its fair market value.

In a nutshell: We don’t care what Zillow says; Zillow hasn’t seen your home.


6. You don’t become an investor overnight.

After 6 months of shopping within your price range, don’t say, “I’m thinking of buying a fixer upper and flipping it.”


7. Sometimes it’s challenging to find the perfect home…

But we won’t give up. And neither should you. Assuming your budget supports your wish list, we’ll ultimately find you a home that matches what you’re looking for.

8. Lowball offers don’t work.

You want to make an offer for 30% less than market value? We get it. It’s only human nature to want a deal. But in some cases, lowball offers can actually hurt you in the long run.

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9. We genuinely care about you and your interests.


10. Oh, and we’d love to celebrate with you after the purchase (or sale) of your next home! :)