Bet You Never Considered These 14 Ways To Use Wood Pallets Around Your Home

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Wooden pallets have become a major resource for recycling and upcycling DIYers. Since they are typically discarded after having served their time in the storage and shipping industry, there is a lot of perfectly good wood that is going to waste. Well, here are a number of ways to put those pallets to good use for your own pleasure, as well as for the care of our planet.

1. Upright gardens are an excellent way to save space, and create a functional herb or flower bed.

2. Take those gardens to the next level (or levels) by coloring and mounting them.

3. Cheap and stable bed frames are easy with a few, well placed pallets.

4. Would like a stylish, mobile bed for your child? Here’s a rustic example of one.


5. You can even spoil Miss Kitty a little bit!

6. Futons are also easy to construct with a little pallet magic.

7. How about some theater seating (or lounging)?

8. Of course, wine racks are an excellent and essential upcycling product.

9. You can use pallets and some screw in hooks for hanging all sorts of household items.

10. Never buy a desk for the office again.

11. Swinging on a star… on a pallet.

12. What family doesn’t need a handy shoe rack?

13. How about a cheap and effective way up to your loft?

14. With all of the options, what can you not do with pallets? Let your imagination run wild!