15 Doorbells Guaranteed To Make A Strong First Impression… In One Way Or Another

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There are many ways to make a statement about your home when someone first arrives. One that is often overlooked is the doorbell. We typically take for granted that it’s just a simple button to push and get the homeowner’s’ attention. Here are some examples of taking that first impression to the next level for both the guests and homeowners.

1. You may enter… or is it return?

2. “Use the secret tune. If it’s just catchy, I might let you in.”

3. This LED doorbell is a chic way to greet your guests at night.

4. Mike Skene created this chime door bell to allow for a wide range of creative greeting experiences.


5. Toast to your guests with this wine glass doorbell.

6. Dominic Wilcox designed this doorbell to record various visitor facts. It either shows you care, or you have a creepy habit of tracking your friends.

7. This doorbell is a blast from the past! A wireless doorbell system was hacked and plugged into an old Nintendo game controller with an internal LED installed.

Here’s a demo on playing this doorbell like a champ.

Via Frederic Hamel

8. Only the truest friends will ring this doorbell. Now if only you could combine it with the sound this deer makes around the 16 second mark.

9. Other doorbells just go too far. Seriously, there’s no way you won’t hear this doorbell…

Via gadgetshop08

10. With 2 gigabytes of storage, this MP3 doorbell takes variety to a whole new level.

Imagine when your friend hits the button and the first thing they hear is the blaring sound of [insert song name appropriate for audience]. Priceless.

11. The squishy eyeball doorbell is great when couple with a camera to catch people’s reactions.

12. If the frog doesn’t bite down, you may be allowed in.