31 Artsy-Fartsy Bathtubs You Don’t See Every Day

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Most bathtubs in our modern homes are the same. Standard shapes, standard white porcelain, and standard functions of water in and water out.


Here are a few unique bathtub options making their way into the modern living. Some are really cool, some are just plain strange, but all are definitely entertaining.

1. If you want a preview of what tubs might be like on a luxury cruise spacecraft in the future, this is a pretty good example.

2. I always wanted to see what a director’s chair tub would look like.

3. For the laid-back exhibitionist in us all.

4. Ever wanted to feel like a serving of soup? Now you can!

5. This quartz bath is perfect for connecting with your inner hippy.


6. Either that is a huge spout, or they needed to get a bigger rock.

7. This one looks huge! The rings must be to help you climb into the tub.

8. Ever have a leaky hole in the bathroom ceiling you’re just too lazy to fix? Here’s an idea.

9. A tub for hanging out. This one is either really comfy, or not so much.

10. In case you want a swimming pool dedicated to soaping up.

11. This tub raises and lowers itself for varying depths, which makes it easily accessible to the elderly or handicapped individuals.

12. What a beautiful Japanese soaking tub.

13. The classic claw. For when you just need a good, old fashioned full body soak.

14. Ever want to bathe in a giant salad bowl?

15. Silent Whirlpools are quite fancy, especially when they have stylish storage spaces.

16. The Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath & Washbasin Unit. A fancy way of saying, “We packed every possible comfort function we could into a bathtub for contortionists.” Great for a compact, luxury bathroom.

17. Has the feel of bathing in a giant piece of origami.

18. Chromatherapy tubs utilize colors for relaxation. This one has pink, green, and light orange settings. Wonder if there’s a tie dye setting?

19. When you want a modern, luxury “peek a boo” tub.

20. Finally, a top-grade Zen Tub by candle lights. Looks like Heaven.

21. This is what an a jacuzzi tub looks like set in hardwood. Very nice.

22. This couple finds yin and yang balance in this tub for two.

23. There are many types of eccentricity.

24. Here’s a special tub from Cove Haven Resort’s Ponoco resort. You get three chances to guess which suite this tub is in.

25. Here’s a Japanese inset tub that might make you feel like you’re soaking in an optical illusion.

26. What is this? A Daddy Warbuck’s tub?

27. Here is the Cristalli glass tub from Novellini. It is designed for “chic, city-living types with an eye for the newest trends.” It’s also great for modesty…

28. Never take a great bath opportunity for granite… err, granted.

By Stone Forest

29. The shape looks cozy. Assuming you can find your way in and out of it. I mean, for $26,000 it should make you feel high as a kite just looking at it, right?

30. Massimiliano Della Monaca took a page from “The Old Lady in the Shoe,” and made a bathtub fit for a, well, size 120. The tub was named “Audrey,” and designed for SICIS.

By Massimiliano Della Monaca

31. Re-root yourself after a hard day by sudsing up in the equivalent of a petrified tree trunk.