9 Manly Tables That’ll Have Your Wife Saying “Nope!”

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Fellas, home furnishings now come in diesel… who knew?! Yep, there’s a recent trend of making glass top tables with high powered engines as their base. So if you need to turbo charge your morning coffee hour, go ahead and use these for inspiration. Only problem? I can’t imagine a single lady giving one of these a pass in her home. So you’ll probably need to brush up on those negotiation skills. At least they’re fun to look at, right?

A V12 block with a red light inside, just to enhance the intimidation factor.

Ferrari. Need I say more?

Via fastcar.co.uk

I half expect a transformer to pop out of this one.


The Daddy Warbucks rendition.

A little Ducati action for the crotch-rocket lovers.

Via carthrottle.com

High rise engine design to save your legs.

Via fastcar.co.uk

Looks like something from a spacecraft.

When you’re looking for the full meal deal.

For those extra motivational conference rooms.

H/T to carthrottle