9 Secret Pools That Satisfy The James Bond Inside All Of Us

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Pools are amazing additions to a home for many reasons. They help you get away from the summer heat when you don’t want to leave the house. They give you an option for exercise and watery family fun. However, pools can also take up a lot of space that you might want to use for something else.

Hidden pools are the answer to that dilemma.

1. Hydrofloors is a leading company in engineering indoor hidden pools.

Here’s a composite picture of a ballroom that transforms into a pool, and back at the flip of a switch! Invite all of your friends over for a dance, and then flip that switch when they aren’t looking.

2. Artist Alfredo Barsuglia designed this “Social Pool” to be a hidden public pool that keeps itself cool, and can help relieve the heat in the Californian desert.

He did have a bit of a wicked eccentricism side. The pool is public, but it requires a little bit of work to get to. First you have to get GPS coordinates from the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in West Hollywood. Then you have to drive several hours from Los Angeles, and hike into the desert, where you can find this pool hidden in the sandy no man’s land. It’s only 11 ft by 5 ft. However, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be crowded if you find it.

3. Hidden Water Pools is another leader in outdoor hidden pools. Here’s a lovely example of a pool, complete with a table that doubles as a fountain.

4. Here is another prestigious option by Hydrofloors.


5. Yet another by Hydrofloors.

6. This pool’s floor also drops away to reveal the watery goodness.

Observe it in action in this video.

Via Jean-Marie Cannie

7. Here is another beautiful example of a Hidden Water Pools product.

What better way to have your pool, and a functional patio for those special vacation homes? We covered a similar pool here.

8. Agro Engineering created this pool using a hydraulic system and folding wooden deck.

When the deck is in place, it can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure per square foot. When it swings up, it’s time to get the summer pool party on!

Here, you can see how it works.

Via Agor Engineering

9. Lawn or pool? Lawn or pool? Who needs to choose?

Gil Klar created this hidden pool to give you the best of both worlds. You can learn more about this amazing lawn pool here.