These Mailbox Makeover DIYs Are Just What Your House Needs To Feel Pretty Again

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Want some great ideas for enhancing your curb appeal without getting into a huge renovation project? One way to get a huge benefit from little effort would be to renovate your mailbox! Between simple Ombre paint jobs, planters, and geeky spacecraft mailboxes, we put together a list of examples and DIYs that will give you ideas no matter what kind of mailbox you currently have.

1. This old mailbox was given new life with simple paint and vinyl. See how here.

2. Transform your mailbox with some Ombre action. Learn more here.

3. Check with Sand & Sisal to see how to create a copper mailbox for less than $20.

4. Better Homes and Gardens has some great info for creating planter mailboxes.

Give that hard working postal worker some pleasant flowers to see and smell on their long route.


5. In case you want to replace your mailbox completely. Here’s how to build your own from scratch. This DIY will give you the details.

6. Mailboxes don’t have to have to have a drab paint job, or basic shape.

Here’s a DIY for creating a beautiful mailbox shaped like a house. With a little creativity, maybe you can get it looking like your own home.

7. Is a basic planter too boring for you? Lowe’s has some info on creating a catchy, trellis mailbox.

8. Here’s a DIY for turning a pitiful mailbox into a pillar of its community.

9. Like the modern style of this mailbox? See how to make it here. Looks like it can hold a lot of mail inside.

10. Woodwork City has a set of plans for yet another lovely post and planter mailbox.

11. This mailbox is pretty easy to build if you’re a geek and want the world to know it.

Simply get a computer case and leave a top drive space open, and post it up.

12. For those that can’t get enough of wood pallet projects, here’s a mailbox DIY that can just as easily be a birdhouse.

13. This X Wing mailbox was made from PVC and wood, and has a whopping 5 foot wingspan! I bet the owners of this house wish they had thought of it first.

14. The uncle of Reddit user ModXMV created this amazing Enterprise mailbox from PVC, and actually lights up at night.

15. You’ve seen brick mailboxes before, but I bet you haven’t seen one like this!

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