Odd Shaped Lot? No Worries. Just Build a Home Shaped Like THIS! (13 Pics)

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Ever hear of the tiny home movement? It’s changing the way we think about utilize space. In a world where populations keep growing, and resources require room for regeneration, the concepts used to conserve space while providing comfort and utility are key. Mizuishi Architect Atelier is pushing the envelope on tiny homes.

But this particular 594 square foot tiny home in Horinouchi, Japan was built out of necessity. That’s because the lot upon which it sits is an awkward, triangular plot of land. The upside of this weird-shaped lot? It borders a gorgeous river!

Looks like a normal house from this angle.

From here, it is a little deceptive. Notice the size of the truck in relation to the home? Notice the small plot of land?

This narrow overhang is used as a car shelter, as well as a spare room.

How does one fit a family into 594 square feet?

Your imagination may come up something like this (minus the flashy attire).

Surprisingly, due to brilliant architecture (and perhaps some kind of magic) this home is quite spacious!

There is a mezzanine level containing the lofty playroom, located above the living space.

This space overlooks the kitchen and spare room. It has vaulted ceilings for extra spaciousness, and two skylights for stargazing.


The kitchen, dining room, and living area all reside on the second floor. There are windows lining both sides to maximize daylight and allow for a “floating” effect.

The bedroom and bathroom are on the first floor. They do not use walls for separation.

Divider curtains are far more convenient for saving space, while allowing for a little privacy.

A top down view of the kitchen, from the mezzanine level area.

Looks like they fit in an upgraded version of an RV style bathroom.

With this kind of space fit into such a small area, I’m pretty sure I know who the architect really is.

Whatever the case, any house that can make such space conservation feel so good, and with a river side view to boot, I call genius!