It Looks Like A Normal Sofa, But 12 Seconds Into This Demo I Am Sold

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We all know about futon bunk beds. They offer the best of both worlds — maximizing space, providing extra bedding, and are comfortable for lounging with friends. However, the cold, metal that dominates the basic futon design just doesn’t cut it for cozier home decor options.

This problem has been solved thanks to the sofa bunk bed! Not only is it designed with a more stylish environment in mind, but it sets up as a bunk bed in less than one minute! One look at this video, and you’ll see the possibilities.

Via Combo Videos

Here’s where you can buy this blue sofa transforming bunk bed, but the bad news is that you can only order it from from Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. There is another company selling similar transforming bunk beds in the US here.