Video Nails Hilarity of House Hunting With a Fussy Mom & Toddler

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Some say in order to be a great Realtor you have to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Kristina Smallhorn, a real estate agent from Lake Charles, Louisiana, really takes that heart.

In her hilarious YouTube series, Ascension Parish Realtor Stories, the clever agent transforms “weird and funny situations” that she’s experienced on the job into satirical videos, capturing the not-so-subtle challenges Realtors face while helping clients check all the boxes on their wish lists.

In her latest, Smallhorn, who’s dubbed herself ‘Your Real Estate Whisperer‘, plays three roles: herself, a homebuyer with a keen hatred for half-baths, and ‘Sunshine,’ the client’s loud and feisty toddler.

Whether you’ve been the Realtor, the buyer with very particular ideas, or the kid in the backseat whose heart is set on getting the biggest room in the house, you can’t help get a “kick” out of this video.