Your Cats Will Go Wild Over This Home Addition

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You can take the cat out of the wild, but you can’t entirely take the wild out of a cat.

Many house cats would love to break free and roam outside, but it can also be a dangerous place for a domestic cat. So, they’re unfortunately often confined within the walls of a house and have to make do by sitting and looking out through a window or door.

But you could let your cat safely get just the right amount of wild with an amazing catio addition like the ones Hellas Pet Enclosures builds!

Take a look at one they built for one of their customers…

It started 2 years ago with the section attached to the house by the upper window, giving the owners’ cats a little freedom. But then they added the “stairs” going down to…

…a bridge that crosses over their yard. You see where this is headed?!

The 42’ bridge takes a right turn in the trees and leads to the grand catio.

There’s a handy door for humans to get into the 12’x16’ enclosure. (Way better than having to crawl out of the second floor window and through the bridge! LOL) Let’s take a look inside…


It’s prime time for climb time for a cat who wants to!

But there’s also plenty of cool perches to just chill out and watch the birds, breathe in the fresh air, and soak up the warm sun.

But just in case kitty wants a little break from the sun, or just a little privacy, there’s a little hideaway they can curl up in.

This is quite an elaborate “catio”. If you’re interested in doing something like this for your cat, you can always do something more modest just off the side of your house. But remember, this one started out with one smaller section! So, you may just find yourself putting on additions after a while!

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