20 Construction Flubs That Take Shoddy Workmanship To A Whole New Level

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Anyone who has been in real estate long enough can tell numerous stories about the strange home features they had to sell. Whether it was an errant faucet or purposeless cabinet, some houses are just plain weird. And while selling a house with some quirks can be difficult, selling the construction flubs below could be damn near impossible.

1. This one is a puzzler.

If the builder put the toilet in first, he would have likely noticed the door wouldn’t shut. If he put it in last, he definitely would have noticed the door wouldn’t shut. Regardless of what the builder was thinking, he fixed the problem in a subtle and innovative way.

2. But at least the last bathroom door actually works as a door.

This is one of the bathrooms that prevents unwanted house guests… or wanted house guests… or really any visitors at all.

3. See, these stalls are way better than a glass door.

Sure, people will be able to see everything you’re doing on the john, but they won’t be able to see your face so it’s okay.

4. Think about it this way – now you have no excuse to not wash your hands.


5. This toilet would probably be a great addition to any Man Cave.

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6. Ever order too many shoes for your feet? Because this is pretty much the same thing.

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7. I suppose this door would be normal in Harry Potter.

But considering I’m a muggle, the more I look at it, the less it makes sense.

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8. Think of the time and effort that went into making this window. It has two (two!) hinges, a handle, and the tiniest pane of glass ever constructed.

Someone in the window industry had to actually mount and seal that piece of glass. I suppose it’s burglar-proof though, so that’s nice.

9. Again this window begs the question – why even bother?

10. Every time you turn on this faucet a liability attorney is born.

11. The contractor who is installing these things is shockingly bad at his job.

12. I guess some people would consider a faucet that blocks the medicine cabinet to be “inconvenient” but hey, at least it doesn’t electrocute whoever uses it.

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13. This looks like someone got tired of lugging the fridge into the house, stopped in the middle of the kitchen, and built a frame around it.

“Eh. Close enough.”

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14. I mean, this property technically has a balcony. There’s no arguing that.

15. “…”

16. You’re telling me you think the handicapped bathroom should be handicap accessible?

That’s outrageous.

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17. See that little divot? That’s where your unicycle wheelchair goes.

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18. Mind the gap.

19. I get it, that hexagon looks like it was pretty hard work.

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20. Finishing off on a slightly maddening note, I’ll just let you figure this one out for yourself.

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