These 22 Hilarious Letters Written To Annoying Neighbors Will Make You LOL

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Have you ever had a neighbor that just can’t take a hint? Maybe they do things that are annoying, or are just downright obnoxious. And no matter how many times you tell them in passing, they can’t seem to take a hint? Well, you’re not alone.

Check out these 33 letters from neighbors who have just had enough. They’re a great way to stoke your own creativity.

1. Passive aggression has never been so supportive.

2. Must be that “skunk” variety.

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3. Seriously. Can’t you take it out on Jerry Springer and leave us in peace?

4. Ahh, using the pet. Good angle.


5. Laziness is no excuse.

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6. Good to know they care.

7. Maybe they should send a peace offering of dandelion salad?

8. Must be a chihuahua.

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9. Someone’s taking that “eye for an eye” thing pretty literally.

10. Pink flamingos take blue police officer. Check.

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11. But, we’d really rather “natzi” your sexy times.

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12. There is honor among gas thieves.

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13. That’s certainly one way to leave a lasting impression.

14. Pretty sure those aren’t the lyrics.

15. Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to inconsiderate dog owners.

16. Bet you 10 to 1 this house is still on the market.

17. Save some face with WD-40.

18. Perfect set up for this pun.

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19. Ah, so that’s they were out of popcorn at the corner market.

20. Sometimes the best way to settle is to get on the same level.

21. Rule #1: Make sure you know who the culprit is.

22. The ultimate in passive aggressive!