How To Get Other Agents To Drink Your “Kool-Aid”

PinLet me take a stab in the dark here…

You feel your company is the greatest, and everyone else should join too. Am I right?

You guys are “the fastest growing company”, everyone loves each other, and you have the best this, that, or another thing. Right?

Ok so you “drank the Kool-Aid.”

No harm, no foul!

But the thing is, when you’re in a company that other agents joke like that about, it makes it harder to actually recruit people into your company.

Starting almost any conversation about recruiting goes over about as subtle as that big red pitcher crashing through walls in the Kool-Aid commercials back in the day.

The minute you even hint at trying to recruit someone, it’s like other agents put up a wall—a wall big and strong enough to keep you and the Kool-Aid guy from getting through!

So what’re you supposed to do? Not boast about your company? Let people just label you? Not even try to recruit people, and just chalk it up to it being “their loss”?!

Nahhhhh, you just gotta…

Own the Kool-Aid narrative!

I’ve got a lot of fans that drink the so-called “Kool-Aid” with my brand, the Lighter Side of Real Estate. In my line of work, I get to interact with a broad spectrum of agents day in and day out. And I’ve always felt your pain when it comes to recruiting.

Many agents tell me how hard they’re trying. Maybe you’re one of them. And like them, you also get shut down too quickly. You’re often misunderstood, and you get a bad rap for trying to recruit people. But hey, you genuinely got a good thing. You should be bragging about it and inviting people to see how cool it is for themselves.

So here’s a little something for you: a recruiting letter / email template I whipped up to get your juices flowing. Just a small ‘thank you’ for being a fan of The Lighter Side! (If you’re not a fan of The Lighter Side, please close your eyes or stop reading…LOL. JK.)

Btw, I’m totally cool with you swiping this and giving it a whirl!

SUBJECT LINE: You’ve gotta taste this

[Salutations], [recipient]!

I know, I know, it’s a huge joke in the industry…

Whenever anyone’s really into their brand, people make fun of them for “drinking the Kool-aid”.

I’m certainly aware that people say that about us at [insert company], so I might as well own it, right?!

So, I was hoping you’d want to sit down and have some Kool-aid with me… or coffee, a beer, some wine… whatever. I just want to grab something to drink with you. (But it would be pretty funny to say you literally drank the Kool-aid if you do decide to join the company! LOL)

Kidding aside, I think you’d really like our company and would be a good fit here. So, any chance you can get together on [insert day and time]? If not, give me some days and times that would work for you…

[Your info goes here]

Instead of just trying to avoid the “Kool-Aid” label, own it.

And in my experience with the Lighter Side, a little levity is one of the best ways to:

  • Get someone’s attention
  • Keep it
  • Nurture the relationship over time

So I hope that letter helps you get (and keep) the attention of the next person you try to recruit!

You should also consider other fun angles!

I think part of the reason so many agents who get labelled as Kool-Aid drinkers and pushers is because they always tend to lead with, and focus on, their company. (With good reason, of course.)

But just because your company is great, doesn’t mean that’s what’s gonna get and keep someone’s attention.

So if you’re actively trying to recruit into your company, and you liked the letter I gave you to use, you’ll love the 20 other recruiting letters I created.

I’ll give them all to you if you decide to join my exclusive Inner Circle membership. Check ‘em out:

Template #5
This one’s good to use if you have a team set up so agents can support each other and get some time off. Or if you run an office that provides support. Or, you simply have a way to help agents truly gain control over their business and time.
Template #7
For recruiting top-producers / heavy-hitters.
Template #8
Use this one for agents who are struggling and could use the hand-holding of a mentor. Use this with an agent you know needs some guidance and would likely be open to it. Don’t send this out as a mass mailing, in other words.
Template #9
For recruiting someone who just got their license.
Template #10
Use this one to recruit agents who recently got their license, but began their career at another brokerage already.
Template #11
Use this one if you’re really, really good at providing marketing, and you want to entice recruits with that.
Template #12
This one’s good for anyone who recruits other agents into their company on the basis of earning residual income.
Template #13
This one’s for team leaders. Use this to recruit agents to your team.
Template #14
Use this one if your company is one of the most known, recognized, or biggest brands in the area. This is most effective on agents who are doubting that their brand is recognized enough or big enough.
Template #19
Many brokers send out basic letters to every single agent who did a deal with one of their agents. It’s gotten kind of tired and has lost much of its impact. This is written to take it up a notch. But it also takes a step back, and makes it sound like you aren’t trying to recruit them…just acknowledging them and thanking them.

They’re all unique approaches you can use depending on the agent you’re trying to convert ahem, I mean, recruit (LOL). Each one has its own fun, funny, or witty angle, and a call to action.

And they’re not just good as letters or emails. I wrote these in a way that you can use them as scripts that roll right off your tongue (with a little practice of course), since they’re short and to the point.

Get all these templates and soooo much more

Here’s the deal.

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PinClick here to join our Inner Circle and get access to all these templates and much more.

Happy recruiting!!!

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