7 Dumb Things Realtors Do on Facebook

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1. Spamming your listings with no commentary


Posting a link or sharing something on Facebook without your opinion is boring. Your friends want to know what you think about stuff you share on Facebook. Go back and look at stuff you have shared and see if the ones without commentary get less interaction.

It’s hard for people to share their opinion or get engaged on a post if they don’t know your stance first.

Keep that in mind whenever you post a new listing for sale. Add some of your thoughts or what you like best about this particular house. Share one of the unique features or the thing the sellers fell in love with when they purchased the home.

2. Inviting an entire friends list to “like” their page


How often are you getting invites from some random person to like their page? I get about 3-4 per day. And it’s annoying.

You can see all the invites you have received at https://www.facebook.com/pages/?category=invites.

If someone wants to like your page, they will. Post good content and they will come…

Here’s a better way to grow the likes on a page:

Add some really engaging content local people will care about and promote the post into the newsfeed. You can also run cheap ads to get likes on the page. Just set a budget and be consistent with the ads to grow the page organically over time without annoying your friends.

3. Realtor in their name on Facebook


Seeing Realtor or real estate agent in the name feels super cheesy. I mean, is that the only way people will know what you do?

How dumb would it be if everyone did this?

We would see dentist, trash man, attorney, and whatever else attached to someone’s name. Surely there is more to you than JUST your profession.

I want to get to know YOU, not just the Realtor.

If I only want the real estate stuff I will like your business page (as stated in #2).

4. Using lingo and stats only Realtors understand

It is better to speak plain English and actually impress people with your knowledge instead of using fancy words and confusing them. The most common time I see this is inside market updates. The stats and phrases you understand aren’t the same for the general public.

I recommend to have someone not in real estate review a post for comprehension before you make it public on Facebook.

5. Sharing every page post to their personal profile


The audience you attract to your personal profile and your business page will be different but have some overlap.

It’s not a great idea to share every single post your business page makes to your personal profile. I mean, if those people wanted the business updates, they would like that page. Right?

Instead think of how you can promote the page without sharing the actual updates. Maybe you put up some teaser content:

I can’t believe how many homes sold around here in November. All the stats just got posted on (@Tag page). Let me know if I can answer specific questions.

6. Posting photos of marketing flyers

Do you really expect people (mostly on their phone) to see your post on Facebook, click the photo, and pinch and squeeze their way to reading the whole marketing flyer?

Why don’t you take the time to write out the flyer message into the Facebook status so your connections can easily consume it?

Of course you can keep sharing flyers if getting the most people to read your message isn’t important to you.

You could always go for the “both is better” mindset and type out the update on Facebook and include the flyer too.

That way someone can read your information right in their newsfeed and also print the flyer or review it for more information.

7. Inviting your whole friends list to open house Facebook events


I live in Arlington, TX so it’s not very likely I will be attending your event in Tempe, AZ.

Why even invite me?

Oh I get it, it’s a million times easier to just invite everyone instead of taking the time to invite the people in your local market.

It’s also freaking annoying.

Have some respect for your out of the area “friends” and keep those events local.

What are some of the crazy things you have seen on social media?

Let’s end bad real estate marketing starting with these 7 dumb things Realtors do on Facebook.