HOA Goes To War With Pastor’s Wife Over Wheelchair Ramp

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In a world of urban sprawl, it’s good to know your neighborhood has a trusty homeowners association. Who else can you rely on to make sure your it stays clean, orderly, “safe,” and well funded by suing people for merely trying to make life easier on their loved ones.

“Wait. What?”

That’s right folks. Apparently a homeowners association of Brentwood, TN has taken it as a sacred duty to threaten the Broadnax family with a lawsuit, after the mother and wife, Charlotte, built a ramp so her disabled husband could have easier access to their home. The reason for the aggressive response is that she didn’t seek approval before building it.

Her husband, Michael Broadnax. is undergoing brain surgery and confined to a wheelchair. But did the association look into what the situation was before going full pitbull on a family in dire straights? Charlotte Broadnax said, “I think it’s very, very insensitive.”

Seems the Broadnax family had to bring the situation to the attention of the news media just to make the HOA tyrants back off. Now the HOA is stating that they “didn’t know” the ramp was for the husband. Guess they thought they were planning to hold wild parties for paraplegics.

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