You’ll Never Guess How They’re Planning To Repurpose Mike Tyson’s Former Mansion

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Celebrity mansions are a dime a dozen. It’s gets to a point that if you’ve seen one, you feel like you’ve seen them all. However, Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion is an exception to the rule. You can almost feel the life Mike Tyson led just by looking at the pictures.

However, you’d better look at it now, because a church recently bought the deserted home, and they’re about to convert into “The Living Word Sanctuary”. I guess that’s one way to make up for his fall from grace.

Via The Fumble

Here’s Pastor Dejacimo talking about the church’s plans for the home.

Via Yahoo

From the exterior, you might as well be looking at a castle. Perhaps this was for the best, because if Mike got mad, standard walls wouldn’t stand a chance.

Via Architectural Afterlife

The main hall is a hybrid of elegance and “That’s right. I’m the man.”

Via Architectural Afterlife

Here’s the pool for blowing off steam. Shaped like a boxing glove, and probably sized after his fist.

Via Architectural Afterlife

After working out, he could have a drink at his party bar. I’m pretty sure he wrestled his pet tiger afterward. Wonder if he declawed it, or just gave it special-made boxing gloves.

Via Architectural Afterlife

Here’s where the church can have its congregation. “Those with ears to hear, let them hear.” Unless your name is Evander Holyfield… you’ll just have to read.

Via Architectural Afterlife

And the once-epic hot tub. Let’s hope the new church won’t perform baptisms here…

Via Architectural Afterlife

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