This Family Turned Some Old Pallets Into a Fun Family Project… and Boosted Their Home’s Value in the Process

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Ever dreamt of having gleaming hardwood floors in your home, but were snapped back into reality by the high cost? Would you like to be able to cut out contractors and save money on supplies, too? One Imgur member, known only by the screen name “pretendadult,” has a family that did just that.

They pooled their resources and a year and a half of patience, to create this…

and done…Phew…never again!!

From this! (Check out how they did it below)

We were lucky enough to find someone willing to give us hardwood pallets for free. They had been used for transporting coconut oil into the country.

First step, remove nine thousand nails. In case you are wondering how much that is, its more than any adult should ever attempt to remove alone. Only the most dedicated and professional assistance is suitable for such an attempt.

Some of the near 9000 nail heads we removed. Each required back punching and then pulling.

Can’t afford the professional help? They got their highly tenacious four year old on the job! On the upside, child labor laws don’t prevent a family from utilizing such enthusiasm. If only we could bottle that energy…

my wee man lending a hand.


Next step, sand down the planks! Estimating by the number of nails removed, that would be roughly one thousand planks. Correct me on it. I dare you.
Sadly, their wee He-man was too short and carefree to safely use something as tall and unruly as a power sander. So, what is a family to do?

Trimming to 5" wide.

No worries! With the right friends, and enough coffee and beer, ANY job can be accomplished! *NOTE: Beer is for AFTER working with the power tools.*

A buddy helping out using the edger to clean up one edge.Edit: many folks have corrected me here – its called a jointer not and edger! Showing my ignorance!

The fun part came after refinishing the planks. Laying out the wood required precision measurement, artistic color placement, and heavily calloused knees.


Quality control was important at every step of the process. After all, a family must ensure the floor is sturdy enough to build a proper fort, and be appropriately scratch resistant.

Wee man helping out again.

With a quality hardwood floor this perfectly shiny, what could go wrong?

Semi gloss finish done.

Aside from the cat, endlessly chasing its own reflection. Better than a laser pointer.

Dining room done and sanded.

Confused kitties aside, who can say no to the reward such teamwork creates? Congratulations to Imgur member “pretendadult”, and all who were involved!

and done…Phew…never again!!