School Bus Renovation Gets High Marks for Creativity & Design

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Once you’ve completed your schooling, you’d probably prefer not to set foot on a school bus ever again. After all, those yellow behemoths are hardly synonymous with luxury. Often the site of food fights and gum under the seats, it’s hard to imagine calling these stripped-down vehicles home.

And yet, one couple, Robbie and Priscilla, opted to skip the RV route and instead renovate a 1998 Thomas school bus. The results send them straight to the head of the class when it comes to working some real makeover magic.

Take a peek at the finished product, which proves you don’t have to be a rock star to have a tricked-out bus.

Looks like your standard school bus with a fresh coat of paint. Not so fast. Check out that fancy front door. Step inside (virtually) and prepare to fall in love with this tiny home on wheels.

So cozy! This bus is a far cry from bouncy jalopy where you had to worry about the school bully giving you a wedgie first thing in the morning.

The potted plants are a nice touch. Let’s hope they’re bolted down so they don’t spill when the rubber meets the road.

Check out this clever use of space. Who couldn’t benefit from a pull-out pantry?

Forget the PB&J in your lunchbox! You could cook up feast in this sophisticated kitchen, complete with farmhouse sink and subway tile.

The lofted bed makes room for the washer-dryer combo, which will save the owners a trip to the laundromat.

Nicer than you’d find in some homes, the floor and shower tile make the small but elegant bathroom appear larger.

The propane heater allows for year-round use. While cats aren’t traditionally fans of road trips, that kitty looks pretty comfy. Can you blame him?