Texas Man Arrested After Attempting To Pay Property Tax In $1 Bills

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Paying property taxes stinks; we can all agree on that. Sometimes you just want to give the tax collector a piece of your mind. Oh sure, property taxes actually go to the services that keep our local communities running (or so we’re told). Yet, with the ever expanding gap between wages and inflation, some people just can’t take the extra financial pressure.

On January 28, 2015, Timothy Andrew Norris, a 27 year old Wichita Falls resident, decided to take his frustration out on the tax office. His plan? Pay his taxes ($600 worth) in $1 bills.

Timothy Andrew Norris. Courtesy the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office

So what’s the big deal? Tommy Smyth, Wichita County Tax Assessor Collector, reported that Smyth had folded the dollar bills so tightly that it took officers six minutes to undo each bill. One would think he’d make better use of the time (and tenacity) that required.

He was accused of attempting to sabotage the efficiency of the Tax Collector’s Office and was asked to leave. He refused and was charged with criminal trespassing. When a police officer went to take him away, Timothy pulled away twice and was charged with resisting arrest. His bail was set at $500.

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