Ever Seen A Time Capsule From The 60s? Wait Til You See Inside This Home.

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How many of us have thought about what we’d accomplish by the grand age of 96 years old? Perhaps become champion of the community bingo games? Perhaps become a grand matriarch of the Red Hat Club. A little while back, a 96 year old Toronto resident decided to top all of that and listed her rather plain looking (from the outside) home for $699,000. No word on the final selling price.

Listing agents: Gladys Spizzirri & Carla Spizzirri

It’s rather unassuming from the exterior.

Once you step inside, it transports you 50+ years into the past.

This place has not been changed since the 1960s.

This woman could win world records for cleaning and maintenance.

The stove is from the 1950’s, and still works!


Did I mention she likes pink?

And apparently any wallpaper that is remotely plant themed.

The bedroom is color coded for maximum relaxation. Ah, lavender.

The guest bedroom kind of looks like something for a princess.

Here, a third bedroom was converted into a sewing room… for bell-bottoms.

She even had a classy bar in this classy basement…

…with a full purpose laundry room and kitchen area attached.

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