This Husband-Wife REALTOR® Team Shows You What It’s Really Like Working Together

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Ahhh, isn’t life grand when you finally find your soulmate? You know that feeling, right? The one where you’re ready to start a life together and take on the world! It’s only natural to daydream about spending every waking second together when you’re caught up in love’s bliss. Some couples, like Tim & Rachel Scheib, take this all concept the way and actually choose to work together, too.

Husband-wife teams aren’t uncommon in the real estate industry, but they do come with a unique set of challenges (e.g., not getting a break from your spouse’s annoyingly cute idiosyncrasies). Still, with a strong enough bond and a sense of compassion, these challenges can be overcome. Just check out Tim & Rachel’s video for an example of a real estate duo using lighthearted humor to handle such challenges.

Via Tim & Rachel Scheib