New Real Estate Agent Creates GoFundMe Campaign In Hopes To “Dominate My Market”

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Meet Jeremy.

Freshly licensed as a real estate agent, Jeremy is hoping to crowdsource his foray into this new business venture through GoFundMe.

Here’s his story, in his own words.

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Specifically, he’s looking to raise $2,600 to cover the expenses below.

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And here’s his reasoning.

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And per a public Facebook post he made, he’s even willing to do a somersault for every dollar raised.

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We asked Sarah D’Hondt, Realtor and Lighter Side contributor, to weigh in on this story. She writes:

GoFundMe is a great resource for people needing financial assistance for worthy causes. I personally have donated thousands of dollars through this site to charities, fundraisers, funerals, and families or good causes in need. I am completely at a loss for words, (at least words not including explicit profanity!) regarding this plea for startup money.

Jeremy, I hope this message reaches you. I’m sure you’re a nice person, and as a Realtor myself I can relate with your plight as a newcomer to this industry. I know all too well the costs and hard work associated with this profession.

But I’d like to give you a little bit of unsolicited advice.

As you’ll soon learn, you’ll have to spend more time, more energy, and more money than you could possibly imagine. And I promise the schedule and demand for your time isn’t as pleasant as the job you left. I also want to enlighten you with the fact that you’ll spend a lot more than $2600, and the lockboxes, keys, signs, open house tents, and camera that you listed as an immediate need, aren’t.

All you need to get started in this business is drive, motivation, and passion. You need to go through training, learn to market yourself, and hit the pavement finding buyers or sellers to assist. Market yourself at networking events, on social media, and get yourself out there. All of that is FREE, my friend, and when you start making money then you can start investing money into your business.

My advice – have a friend take crisp, clean headshot of you and order some cheap business cards from vistaprint. This will cost you about $50, or less. If you don’t have the money to start up any business, then you aren’t cut out for it. Harsh but true. It’s best to have a few months worth of expenses in the bank before undertaking this career, because you’ll be on all commission, plus paying self-employment taxes and broker fees, and you could wait 2-3 months for a paycheck.

As you stated in your plea, you have “too much determination for excuses and let downs,” but I’d like to make you aware that while determination is a necessary trait to possess as a Realtor, it costs nothing.

I sincerely wish you well in this cut-throat industry that offers no guarantees, no easy deals, no quick paydays…

… and certainly no handouts.

If you’re inclined, you can donate here. And if you’d like to comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts in our Facebook post.