10 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Planning to sell your home? Want to enhance its overall appeal quickly and inexpensively? Check out the DIYs below that will help you do just that — for just pennies on the dollar vs. hiring the work out.

1. Wainscotting is easy to create using wooden frames, a chair rail, some caulk and paint. Let Decor Chick show you how.

2. Is your ceiling lackluster to the eye? This DIY shows you how to create beautiful joinings for crown molding.

3. Teara Backens Rhode decided her chandelier just wasn’t quite enough. With a cheese plate and some paint, she created this expensive looking ceiling plating to add more style.

4. How would you like impeccable window trim for $50 and a weekend’s worth of work? Check with Jenna Sue for the details.


5. Hide piping like a champ with some fake rafters that also bring a rustic appeal to the room. Learn how here.

6. Another impressive use for wainscotting is to transform a bland entryway. It’s probably easier than you think. Check the DIY and see.

7. Jenna Sue does it again with these expert paneled walls. All it took was some hard wood sheeting, half-inch thick MDF panels, and some elbow grease.

8. This window valance was created for less than $30 with some MDF wood and leftover crown molding. See how here.

9. Some people just don’t like empty space above their cabinets.

This may not be a $30 fix, but it’s still worth mentioning. Instead of cluttering them up with stuff you should probably be throwing away, you can do what Remodelando la Casa did and make that spacing look like something fabulous.

10. You can frame that “builders” mirror without having to remove it from the wall. Let John and Sherry show you how, here.

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