12 New Ways To Use Old Shutters That Will Open Your Mind

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In a world of evolving innovation we are always looking for new upcycling possibilities. Turns out that window shutters are better for more than blocking a view and protecting glass. If you have some old shutters laying around, their life of service is not over. Check out these options for upcycling these old wooden companions into something you can appreciate for many more years to come.

1. Here’s a way to hide your pin board as well as style it up. All it takes is some well painted shutters.

2. Why not create a custom headboard? Get the DIY here.

3. Here’s a basic DIY for making one of the easiest file organizers ever.

4. Need a small stand? How about a shutter stand? You can also leave one side able to open for a little hiding spot. Find the DIY here.


5. Shutters are great as rustic wall accents.

6. Another great repurposed shutter!

7. They can be used to build sturdy clothes racks.

8. Or an eye catching, make-shift list board.

9. Want to make that picnic table a little more interesting? A shutter runner will do the trick.

10. Shutters also work well for above-window shelving for tools.

11. They’re great for hanging potted plants too.

12. Really, imagination is the only limit. Here’s another artistic plant holder. Check out the DIY to make one of your very own.