18 Genius Uses For Tension Rods You’ve Never Considered

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Tension rods have a great deal of versatility around the house. Not only are they able to be resized to fit in so many spaces, but they are able to be repositioned around the home, and they leave your walls looking as good as before you put them on. As a result, some creative people have shown us great ways to use tension rods for making life easier around the house.

1. One of the most obvious uses is for hanging curtains in smaller windows. Placing the rods at the top and bottom creates a more solid effect with the curtain.

2. Tired of not having enough room for all of your spray bottles? Clean up your cleaning supplies with a tension rod.

It not only gives you more room to work with, but allows you to keep your spray bottles more organized.

3. Give your plant friends a place to hang out in the sun.

4. Tension rods give perfect vertical storage space for cutting boards, cookie sheets, and the like.


5. With some drilled plates and spray paint, you can create an amazing vertical storage column.

6. Make that under the sink space more visually appealing with a curtain.

7. You can also use curtains to take the eye sore out of the shelving storage spaces.

8. Create more spaces to hang clothing.

9. Need an impromptu door? Once again, a tension rod and curtain or tapestry can save the day.

10. Do you have shoes for days and days… and days? Give the other housemates some breathing room with this tension rod application.

11. Bed canopies are a breeze with some rod action.

12. You can hang easy, short term holiday decorations with tension rods.

13. Make craft storage spaces more functional, like so.

14. Another way to hide junk in storage and laundry rooms.

15. Need spaces for filing, and you don’t want a heavy metal cabinet? Got ya covered.

16. Paper towels can be inconspicuous until needed with this method.

17. Here’s a method for displaying photos at your desk, without taking up valuable work space.

18. Custom bed skirts and dust ruffles made simple.