18 Low-Cost Ways To Conceal The Eyesores In Your Home

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Ah the quest for the flawless home. It’s tricky with the constant accumulation of items, family members, and random acts of God. Add that to the desire to be frugal, and removing eyesores can be quite a task. Fear not! Below we have 18 ways to feed your penny pinching, OCD side.

1. Design some deep drawers to stash away smelly laundry.

2. Tired of seeing that internet router blinking sporadically? Get ya some fancy boxes and your problem is easily solved.

3. You can also stuff them into a hollowed out (large) book of your choice.

4. Who knew electrical tape could be so artistic?


5. Removable wallpaper is a great way to stylize an otherwise boring fridge.

6. Chalkboard paint is even better. Not only is it functional for making lists, but the art is ever changeable.

7. Hide your paper towels away in a practical shelf.

8. Need some nicer containers for your liquid products? Muji containers are perfect.

9. Have an unsightly vent or electrical box cover? How about a spare rubber mat? Just add bronze spray paint for an instant fix.

10. IKEA can provide a printed canvas to help keep the dust off of that flat screen TV.

11. You can use a hinged canvas to hide a thermostat. Even better, you can hide your alarm control. Makes things extra frustrating for would be thieves.

12. Trim up your cord clutter.

13. Give that printer a home in your dresser.

14. Boring old door shutting down your mood? Paint and masking tape will open up the possibilities.

15. Score one on the AC unit with a score board.

16. Some small curtains on a tension rod make for an easy AC unit cover.

17. You can turn that ugly, old wall into something functional and appealing with some stenciled pegboard.

18. Light switch looking a little tacky? Tack some photos up to give it more appealing company.