20 Clever Uses For Dryer Sheets Outside Of The Laundry Room

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Dryer sheets are far more useful than many people realize, even after being used in the dryer. Below you’ll learn 20 unconventional ways to use them, from enhancing your sewing experience, to repelling disease-carrying pests. After reading this, you will probably think of dryer sheets in the same category as duct tape, WD-40, and wooden pallets.

Always remember to read warning labels concerning allergies or buy natural brands to limit your exposure to the harsh chemicals some brands use.

1. First off, just because you’ve used a dryer sheet doesn’t mean it’s trash.

A used dryer sheet can be used to clean up detergent spills, lint traps, and even the outside of the machines.

2. Is that dirty laundry just too dirty, but you can’t get to it?

Place a dryer sheet in the hamper to give yourself a breather until laundry day arrives.

3. You can line the inside of a toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet to help freshen the bathroom each time it spins.

4. Keep those snazzy dancing shoes smelling fresh(er) by placing a dryer sheet inside them. Easier to remove than baking soda.

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5. Is soapy buildup making your bubble baths less than pleasant? It’s easier to clean up with a damp dryer sheet.

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6. Use dryer sheets in your diaper bag to make cleaning out the dirty diapers tolerable.

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7. Having a hard time getting cooked food off of your dishes, pots and pans? Dryer sheets make scrubbing it off a breeze.

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8. Keep a dryer sheet in your pocket, or anywhere you want to repel biting bugs. Who knew you had a way to combat West Nile in your laundry room?

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9. Want to get rid of mice and rats without hurting them?

Place dryer sheets at the corners of your basements and attics to help keep them away.

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10. Placing dryer sheets in your drawers will help keep your clothing smelling fresh and clean.

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11. The same thing can be accomplished with luggage clothing.

This is especially handy if you don’t have the option of washing something before needing it again.

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12. Keep the musty smell out of your stored belongings with well placed dryer sheets.

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13. Dryer sheets can act as bookmarks which help with “old book smell.”

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14. Rubbing dryer sheets on your clothing, hair, or pets can help prevent static buildup.

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15. You can use dryer sheets in various craft projects to add scented texturing.

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16. Dryer sheets apparently make great backing for appliqués and embroidery, and are great for creating flexible patterns.

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17. Running thread through a dryer sheet dispels static, making it much easier to thread through a needle.

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18. Latex paint can be a pain to get off of brushes. Place a dryer sheet in warm water and soak the brushes in the resulting solution.

You’ll be surprised how much more easily the paint comes off.

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19. You will want to ensure it doesn’t overheat, but if you can work with a dryer sheet in your vacuum bag, the whole room will smell freshened up!

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20. Why not freshen the entire house? Stuff the dryer sheets into the HVAC vents and let the air conditioner do the rest.

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