21 Genius Ways To Transform Household Junk You’d Normally Throw Away

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There are so many ways to turn trash into treasure. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and effort. Below are some examples of how to take some of the most common household items, and repurpose them to make your life easier, and perhaps a little more fun.

Keep getting sent junk magazines in the mail? Turn them into a seat and get longer-term use from them.

Some people throw in the towel with climbing the ladders in life. It’s a lot more useful to just throw the towel onto a ladder.

Tired of standing around? Here’s a way you can enjoy “tired seating” instead.

Old chests can be used for far better things instead of keeping them in the attic.

Use wine corks to make coasters for those messy party nights.


Reverse the purpose of teapots to grow the very herbs you like to boil.

Oh this? It’s just a fancy cheese grater jewelry holder.

Help end childhood boredom with a play table made of used skateboards.

It’s not every day you get to see a ski table.

Turn your old chest into the ultimate stationary station.

Now you can look at old light bulbs and see a rendition of “Happy Feet” instead.

Turn a stool into a crafty craft supplies station.

These vintage book shelves are perfect. Don’t like the book layout? They’re very easy to rearrange.

What about those crutches you hope to never use again?

Here’s a used entertainment center for adults that became an entertainment center for children.

Put those retired books to better use than letting them sit on a shelf.

No need to craigslist the crib once your toddler grows out of it. Turn it into a fun station.

Here’s a steampunk style vase made from old spare pipes.

Upcycle a couple of old chairs into a comfortable bench for two.

Old doors can be repurposed into sturdy bed frames.

That old coffee table might be more useful as a decorative outdoor shelf.