26 Inexpensive DIY Upgrades That Will Add A Touch Of Class To Your Home

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Want to give your home a classier, more expensive look that won’t require breaking the bank? Here are 26 great ideas for your inspiration. Take a look!

1. Drab vinyl got ya down? A little paint will spruce it right up.

2. Closet doors don’t just have to hide your disaster zones. Placing some framed mirrors on them can add more purpose, and help the room feel spacier.

3. Tab curtains can be used to hide those other stored items you don’t have closet space for.

4. Woven curtains add a unique feel to your window gazing moments.


5. Simplify your curtain management with some brass snap hooks.

6. You can use shower curtain rods, painted PVC piping, and other such tubes to hide your TV wires.

7. If your window doesn’t need a curtain, you can still spice it up a bit with metal framing and brackets.

8. If you need to add some princessly flare to your shower curtains, napkin rings and ribbons are the go to.

9. A little washi tape and/or spray paint can go a long way.

10. Painting faux windows on your garage are not only great for aesthetic appeal, but also great for frustrating any nosey neighbors.

11. We frame our still pictures. Why not the moving ones?

12. Bed comfortable a little too blah for your bedroom? A few appropriately colored tassels will set the right mood.

13. Cake stands have been associating with making less space for some time… Now they can help you save space!

14. Rubber door mats are perfect for covering up those nappy air vents.

15. Give the old air vents some colorful lovin’ with a fresh coat of spray paint.

16. Canopy beds are easy to make. Just a few shower curtain rods can get you rockin the canopy in no time.

17. Enhance the look of your light switches with by framing them.

18. Curved shower curtain rods add a unique dimension to the window space.

19. Go Terminator 2 on your appliances… with liquid stainless steel paint!

20. If you want that rustic, wood plank wall, and don’t know how to do it, look here.

21. Magnetic window shades. How much more versatile can we get with this?

22. Frame your mirrors for those extra special, reflective moments.

23. Need a backsplash? 3D gel tiles. Need I say more?

24. “Lay off of my red suede cords!”

25. Make a more appealing foundation with faux thick baseboards.

26. Make those cabinets more appealing and useful with top end shelving.

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