23 Genius Ways To Make Your Home As Calm As Possible

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Let’s face it, home is the one place in your life that should always be your sanctuary. With the hectic lifestyles many of us live, it’s easy to bring our daily stress back into the house with us. We endure enough as it is. When we slip into our flannels and curl up on the couch, we want to just chill. Here are some great ideas for making your abode one that a zen master (or a shrink) would be proud of.

1. Succulents are lower maintenance than flowering plants, and can even help purify the air. That and the fact they are difficult to kill helps you breathe easier all around.

For more house plants that can help clean your air and survive a less than green thumb, read more here.

2. Welcome mats are obvious additions to help keep dirt out of your home. Why not welcome visitors with a with a warm-hearted or funny greeting?

3. Use some smart phone holders to ensure you no longer have to search frantically when you hear that faint vibration sound echoing through the house.

4. If you are going to use candles, make sure they will last. One or two big candles collect dust less than a bunch of small candles.

This one lasts for 60 hours, making it quite the bargain.


5. Use clever or unique display layouts for your art and photos that inspire you. Here are some more excellent ideas!

6. You can get some geode bookends and other crystals to usher in some earthy vibes. Amethyst is one example of a popular chill crystal.

7. Shadowboxes are a fantastic way to display your smaller items with pleasing style. Triangle boxes work just as well.

8. Using identical hangers actually reduces excess processing in the brain when going through choices in the closet. The less you have to process, the more calm you’ll feel.

9. Creamy earth tones and cool colors will calm your mind and emotions very effectively. Need some help finding the right color? There’s an app for that.

10. If your lighting is decent, and you aren’t feeling colorful, white can often be enough to give you a mental “clean slate” feeling.

11. Choosing decorative items with earth tones is another great way to ‘ground yourself’ after a stressful day.

12. Here’s another grounding style. Get your pad fixed up with some rustic wood accents. Find the DIY here.

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13. A fluffy blanket means carefree comfort. Here’s an enticing option.

14. Throw blankets are a must for you and your guests to feel super cozy.

15. Find nightstands with bottom storage to keep the top nice and clean. Again, less visual processing leads to a calm mind.

16. You can even hide a power strip in it to charge your devices at night.

17. You can keep your room lit by hanging thin, white curtains and rolling up your blinds. Here’s a DIY for some cheap, floor-length curtains that have a soothing look.

18. Hanging tapestries is an inexpensive way to display beauty and art. Find some with designs that relax and inspire.

19. Having a number of pleasant floor lamps can soften the ambiance in a room.

20. Staying organized dramatically helps diminish the feeling of chaos and stress. Use dividers to bring a sense of order to your junk storage.

21. Essential oil diffusers are a big hit for those wanting to add an extra element of chill to their home. Lavender and lotus are two popular scents that relax the body.

Don’t want to buy an oil diffuser? Here’s a DIY for making a reed diffuser.

22. Don’t be a pack rat. Clean your desk once a week. Store necessary papers in binders and folders. Everything else should be tossed.

This adds a level of subconscious relaxation most messy desk people aren’t aware of.

23. Your entryway is the first thing you see when come home. Buying a shoe and coat rack will help you declutter any piles.