31 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Home And Furnishings Look More Expensive

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Spray paint is such a versatile way to visually upgrade pretty much everything in sight. Here are some really great examples and DIYs on taking your home to a whole new aesthetic level with an appropriately applied spray painting frenzy. Just be sure to do this in an open aired environment.

1. It’s amazing how beautiful simple branches can be with a little silver or gold spray paint. Get Christmas decor kicked off right!

2. Tired of seeing all of the smudge marks on your faucet? Problem solved.

3. Give your doorknobs new life with new color.

4. Terracotta planters are sooooooo boring. A little mirrored spray paint will make them something truly eye catching.


5. Check out this DIY on covering mildew spots with spray paint. You can also remedy faded cushions in a similar fashion.

6. Need a more creative shower curtain rod? Spray paint a power conduit from the hardware store.

7. This DIY covers spray painting PVC pipe for seamless curtain rods.

8. Take drab baby’s breath (we are talking about the flowers) to a whole new level.

9. Dollar store pails can join in on the fun.

10. You can use tape and spray paint to make that fridge something far more appealing.

11. Here’s an idea for spray painting your vent covers. You can see many more ways to enhance your vent covers here.

12. This DIY will show you how to create this easy party decor.

13. Need some mirrored balls? Here’s a DIY for creating an amazing aesthetic enhancement for your garden.

14. Need some planters that are cheaper, lighter, and more durable than typical terracotta? With a little spray paint and some trash cans, this is easily done.

15. Patio furniture is always a perfect subject for spray paint creativity.

16. Even wire baskets can be visually appealing with the appropriate spray paint.

17. Make those welcome mats more welcoming with some bright coloring.

18. Want a more creative way to document the growth of your child? This DIY shows how.

19. Spray paint those outlet covers to give a different appeal.

20. Here’s a DIY for transforming your light fixtures.

21. You can give any glass the mercury glass effect by spritzing it with water, and then spraying krylon looking paint over it. Learn how here.

22. Vittsjo shelves are easily enhanced with some gold paint.

23. You can upgrade your drab dresser knobs.

To make it easier to spray paint those knobs, just use an egg carton.

24. Wicker baskets making you yawn? Here’s an easy way to pep them up.

25. IKEA trash bins are no different.

26. Make that leather even classier with an appropriate spray painting job. Here’s a DIY for doing it professionally.

27. With this DIY, spray painting your dresser is a breeze.

28. Wire stakes, ping pong balls, and looking glass paint creates something amazing for any garden setting.

29. This curtain hook is a plant hanger that has been repurposed with a little spray paint. Here’s how it was done.

30. Once again, looking glass spray paint takes glass to a whole new level. See how, here.

31. So, what is one to do with all of the spray paint being used for this creativity? Spray paint some gutters for shelving, of course!