14 Creative Home Bars To Inspire Your Inner Party Thrower

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When you come home, do you like to treat yourself to an occasional bottle of wine, or have a nice cocktail to lessen the stress that work can create? Or are you the type that likes to host all your friends for a long night of laughs? Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own special area in your home to enjoy it in? We think so too. But before you go setting up your new “home within the home”, take a look at some of these super creative home bars below.

1. The Phantom Werks company has created “The Phantom Bar” from the Martin Baker MK7 seats found in F4 Phantom jets.

The bar costs a hefty sum of $225,000. However, if you are feeling like flying free (or ejecting from) life, what better way to kick start that getaway cocktail?

2. The Luxema 8000 is basically the cruise ship of jacuzzis. It has two decks of bubbly fun, a flat screen TV, and a high tech sound system.

Plus, the lower tub takes bubblies to the next level with a built in bar. $26,000 and this adult playground can be yours!

3. Dubbed the “Steampunk Bar,” this spirit stasher is made from an old 1920’s light bulb tester, salvaged from an old German factory.

4. This contrabass bar may not actually play music, but it will be music to any guests ears when they see their favorite liquor or wine hidden within it’s beautiful form.


5. This is an amazing idea. Not only can you keep your wine organized with an old card cataloging drawer set, but who’s going to look there for your hidden stash?

6. Have an old piano that just doesn’t keep it’s tune anymore? Repurpose it to sooth your soul in a different way.

7. London’s Zaha Hadid Architects designed this futuristic looking bar for London’s Home House.

Despite it’s spaceship look, it probably won’t actually carry you to the stars. The drinks hiding in it though…

8. Why let the negative space under the stairs go to waste? Put in the proper backsplash, sink, and woodwork, and you’ll have a bar worth standing (or swaying) proudly over.

9. It’s amazing what you can do with the old British telephone boxes. X2 Connect is transforming them into a number of useful things, such as libraries, sofas, and cocktail bars.

10. Val, of Pink Flamingo Lounge, and her husband decided that this old analogue TV didn’t have to remain useless. They turned it into a quaint, stylish little bar. Pretty snazzy.

11. The Inebriator is a portable bar that pours and mixes drinks for you with the accuracy of a professional bartender.

12. Here’s an amazing bar made from an old Volkswagen.

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13. The Lighted Outdoor Bar Fiesta, made by Vondom, is actually able to be moved around, so you can set your party up inside or out.

14. Pool and bar combos can be quite elaborate at times. This one makes you feel like you are in a sacred place for drinking and lounging rituals.